Recent UI work

Recent UI work

Leonid Khachaturov

Lead Front-end Developer, Munich, Germany

Born in 1982 in Yaroslavl, Russia. Lived in Moscow from 2004 till 2010, residing in Germany since then.

I've spent the past five years working at JetBrains. I started as a front-end developer of TeamCity and later moved to work on Upsource. I also contribute to JetBrains' UI framework used across all web-based products of the company.

Prior to joining JetBrains I've worked for various companies in Russia. I've participated in projects ranging from a web calendar application for Russia's largest internet company (Yandex.Calendar) to ERP systems for telecom and oil&gas industries.

I've also worked in a variety of roles: QA engineer, interaction designer, front-end developer. A hands-on approach where one can ship code to production multiple times a day is what appeals most to me.

The technology stack I currently use includes GWT, React, D3, Webpack, and many other shiny abbreviations. Staying on top of front-end development technologies is one of my biggest priorities.

Outside of work I greatly enjoy listening to music, reading, cross-country cycling, snowboarding, hiking, eating good food and brewing coffee.